Pure Foods for Pure Lives


As we drift through existence, there is much distraction. In modern life, we are surrounded by chemical interference from our natural Self. This bombardment of synthetic compounds confuses our physical bodies on a very fundamental level. This confusion compounds and we are eventually faced with a growing concern. To help combat the tide of confusion, one may work to cleanse themselves through diet and self-healing practices such as infrared sauna therapy. This type of cleansing is meant to purify your body from already existing toxins found within. Another more powerful means is to safeguard what goes into your body in the first place, removing you from the burden of detoxifying yourself.

Juicing Fruits & Vegetables

Juicing has become a very popular means of creating dense forms of nutrition from foods. This helps your body gain unfettered access to many locked away secret nutrients found deep inside many foods. While juicing alone offers little help towards purifying the foods you eat, juicing organic fruits and vegetables certainly does. The combination of these two practices lends a tremendous advantage to those seeking true healing from the inside out. Once the body has begun to be cleansed, your awareness of mind and heart will deepen, allowing better access for focus and emotional cleansing. As juicers are quite expensive, this undertaking shouldn’t be taken lightly. Just like finding the best yoga practice involves pain and soreness, finding the best juicer for your own health needs involves financial investment.

Using a juicer to reduce your foods to liquid shouldn’t be something you do every meal, but may serve you well as a replacement for breakfast. While your body is reawakening after sleep, many powerful cleansing actions are occurring. The energies that lay dormant during the night have rekindled the qi of your major organs, setting much work into motion again. These powerful actions are your body’s means of naturally cleaning itself from the burden of the previous day. For those that are sick or injured, you may have more burden than that which can be resolved in a single day or night. For these conditions, juicing plays a deep role in alleviating the body of much extra work. Juicing allows foods to be ground down to their most fundamental constituent parts before digestion. This saves much energy, allowing other major organs and pathways to utilize the qi that would otherwise be consumed by your digestive system.

Focus on A Positive Direction

While juicing and detoxing may very well help the cleansing of your body, you will undoubtedly find yourself in the midst of low points. These points are part of our natural cycles and are common to everyone. The systemic microflora found in symbiosis throughout your body moves in natural cycles as well, many thought aligned with circadian rhythms not synced to our own. For whatever reasons, you can be assured that any progress you make in bettering yourself will, at regular intervals, be met with resistance.

The secret to perpetuating self-improvement is in understanding that peak experiences are times for celebration and valley’s are meant to signify opportunities for growth. One of the most powerful perspectives that exist in human nature details difficult experiences that hurt deeply as being signals from the universe that we have been presented with an opportunity to further our spiritual development. These opportunities are rarely planned, and often fail to go unrecognized. There is no ‘data’ to predict them, and they are personal only to you. Through these methods of inner and outer cleansing, you will find that your life may well be rejuvenated once again.

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