Meditation Builds Inner Resolve


Motivation drives the world around us; hunger drives feeding, desire drives reproduction, and the more complex our minds evolve to be—the more complex the dynamics of motivation we experience. For example; did the caveman feel motivated to lie so he could sit in front of a television and watch his favorite show? Of course not; the caveman didn’t have television. Even the caveman, however, was probably motivated to be dishonest regarding some aspect of his life to another, in order to preserve some other aspect.

While the expressions between the two differ greatly, the underlying fundamental of lying for personal benefit remains. In our complex world the convulsion of action and motivation often dissociates us from the basic concepts of our actions, and cultivating a practice of daily meditation can help to restore such awareness.

Finding Power in Isolation

Meditation helps us realize that being alone isn’t something to fear and that once the fear of being alone is confronted, it becomes apparent that it never existed in the first place. There exists an inner-connectedness of all life, and tapping into that frequency with which all that is communicates can be one of the most rewarding experiences one will ever have. Sex, Drugs, Fasting, and acts of the extremity can “force” us to find this state of frequency, yet it is often as little more than a tourist’s perspective that arises. For those who have ever taken measures, you’re no doubt aware of the seed of thought that what you saw was merely a hallucination. The reality of one’s experience—subjective as it may be—is called into question through methods such as these.

Meditation is many things, achieved by many methods, and capable of teaching many things. At its essence, however, meditation is ultimately a recognition or sort; we all are capable of sharing something. I’m certainly not talking about telepathy, though I’m also not not talking about it either. More practically though, I’m referring to the shared motivations which drive us all—the need to feel important, the drive to reproduce, and the burdensome wiring within us all to feed constantly.

Maybe you need to feel important has driven you to lie about something and to console that guilt you eat in excess to overcompensate in the satiation of your hunger. While seemingly simple in action, this dynamic also represents a single iterative separation in the ways one can be indirectly driven and motivated. Meditation helps connect you to your core motivations, to understand your deepest emotions and desires, which you can build a healthy awareness of to help express them fully and directly.

The path of personal development and inner strengthening is filled with confusion, hardship, and fleeting grasps of progress. However, the cultivation of a personal commitment in a lifetime of accord with this path can help one express inner desire more fully, and get out of life what you truly need the most.

Take time for yourself, ask “why” a lot when questioning your motivations, and never ever allow yourself to believe that you know anything other than that you know you can never know everything.

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