The Best Nootropics for Meditation

best nootropics meditation

The human condition is an enigma to most and those to whom it isn’t are so far evolved from the average awareness that effective communication is often difficult. The journey to further expand our awareness of our surroundings is one traveled by many. Through meditation, mindfulness, and inner resolve many are often able to uncover deepened abilities of the cognitive, physical, and emotional root. For those seeking this inner balance, and also looking for a little modern help in getting there, there are some exciting varieties of supplements and herbs called Nootropics, which help to enhance mental & emotional performance. Finding the best Nootropics is a quest for the individual—as all bodies are different and will receive various supplements and plant compounds in unique ways.

The Power of Focus

Nootropics help to allow the peak performances of such mental capacities as short-term memory, perception, and new-memory forming extend further than one normally experiences. For example, such herbal Nootropics such as BacopaLion’s Mane, and Ginko Biloba have all shown to demonstrate powerful brain-boosting effects. Many users take these supplements for mental clarity, enhancement of focus, and for learning new ideas and concepts. While these herbal nootropics aren’t quite as performance-oriented as such synthetics as Phenibut, Aniracetam, or Noopept—they are known to offer a much ‘smoother’ experience, balanced by all the natural symbiotic compounds found within. While many refer to these powerful compounds simply as smart pills, Nootropics are capable of much more than simple jolts to our minds—offering a full spectrum of powerful perception-enhancing experiences.

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Nootropics for Development

The self, the ego, the animus/anima, the shadow—deep aspects of the human psyche are involved in our most persistent of hangups mentally, emotionally, and physically. While a developed Yoga practice is one of the most potent forms of self focus and growth that one can undertake, modern life is often an insurmountable hangup. These Nootropics are able to help assist in the developement of these deep recesses our ourselves by showing us the door we need to walk through. Like learning a new subject mentally by being first exposed to it as a concept, then as detailed explanations, so to do Nootropics help to serve as brain-boosters and emotional supporters that help to unveil new experiential perspectives. These newly-experienced facets of one’s self, once identified, can be naturally worked upon through such gradual processes as yoga practices, meditation, or physical exercise. Often, all we need to get to the next level in our lives is a helping hand, and a glimpse of how to get there; Nootropics offer this glimpse to us.

Meditation & Stimulants

Many Nootropics serve as stimulants, providing a bust of energy over what is sometimes several hours. These surges in creative energy are addictive to many on a psychological level, and offer great companionship during mentally-intensive tasks. Meditation, the practice of mindful though exploration allowing ones’ self to simply be, is associated by many unfamiliar with it as being a lazy. Those who practice meditative techniques regularly know that this is quite the opposite of the truth! Save those few times in which a nap was needed just a little too much to devote one’s attention fully-enough to meditate effectively, meditation often brings many to the brink of their mental ability.

For these intensive meditations, it can be very easy to become distracted just enough to lose hold of a concept you have found. The battle against our mental hangups can go sideways  at any point, often ejecting us from whatever thoughts and ideas we may currently be ‘tuned’ to. Nootropics aid in meditation by helping to streamline mental functionality, emotional awareness and physical calm. Through these aids, many often find their meditative practices to be deepened to such a degree as to continue use of these powerfully brain-boosting compounds.

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