About Us


Wanbao Healing Resources is all about sharing the knowledge of the beauty and power found in relying on traditional and natural methods of maintaining health and balance. By abiding to philosophies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic Approaches, or even Integrative Medicine, one is able to understand that health and happiness is a balance rather than a static state. We are ever-changing and must, therefore, be prepared to undertake an ever-changing approach to our health and wellbeing. By understanding the inter-relatedness of the many natural approaches to healing, one can be able to cultivate a tool-chest of sorts, providing one with the means to help affect real positive change in nearly any circumstance. This goal of knowledge and self-empowerment is the mission here at Wanbao, and we hope to share with you the most relevant, positively-affective knowledge to help you better understand what you want from your life and how to get it without compromising your health.