Pure Foods for Pure Lives


As we drift through existence, there is much distraction. In modern life, we are surrounded by chemical interference from our natural Self. This bombardment of synthetic compounds confuses our physical bodies on a very fundamental level. This confusion compounds and we are eventually faced with a growing concern. To help combat the tide of confusion, one may work to cleanse themselves through diet and self-healing practices such as infrared sauna therapy. This type of cleansing is meant to purify your body from already existing toxins found within. Another more powerful means is to safeguard what goes into your body in the first place, removing you from the burden of detoxifying yourself.

Juicing Fruits & Vegetables

Juicing has become a very popular means of creating dense forms of nutrition from foods. This helps your body gain unfettered access to many locked away secret nutrients found deep inside many foods. While juicing alone offers little help towards purifying the foods you eat, juicing organic fruits and vegetables certainly does. The combination of these two practices lends a tremendous advantage to those seeking true healing from the inside out. Once the body has begun to be cleansed, your awareness of mind and heart will deepen, allowing better access for focus and emotional cleansing. As juicers are quite expensive, this undertaking shouldn’t be taken lightly. Just like finding the best yoga practice involves pain and soreness, finding the best juicer for your own health needs involves financial investment.

Using a juicer to reduce your foods to liquid shouldn’t be something you do every meal, but may serve you well as a replacement for breakfast. While your body is reawakening after sleep, many powerful cleansing actions are occurring. The energies that lay dormant during the night have rekindled the qi of your major organs, setting much work into motion again. These powerful actions are your body’s means of naturally cleaning itself from the burden of the previous day. For those that are sick or injured, you may have more burden than that which can be resolved in a single day or night. For these conditions, juicing plays a deep role in alleviating the body of much extra work. Juicing allows foods to be ground down to their most fundamental constituent parts before digestion. This saves much energy, allowing other major organs and pathways to utilize the qi that would otherwise be consumed by your digestive system.

Focus on A Positive Direction

While juicing and detoxing may very well help the cleansing of your body, you will undoubtedly find yourself in the midst of low points. These points are part of our natural cycles and are common to everyone. The systemic microflora found in symbiosis throughout your body moves in natural cycles as well, many thought aligned with circadian rhythms not synced to our own. For whatever reasons, you can be assured that any progress you make in bettering yourself will, at regular intervals, be met with resistance.

The secret to perpetuating self-improvement is in understanding that peak experiences are times for celebration and valley’s are meant to signify opportunities for growth. One of the most powerful perspectives that exist in human nature details difficult experiences that hurt deeply as being signals from the universe that we have been presented with an opportunity to further our spiritual development. These opportunities are rarely planned, and often fail to go unrecognized. There is no ‘data’ to predict them, and they are personal only to you. Through these methods of inner and outer cleansing, you will find that your life may well be rejuvenated once again.

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Cleansing the Inner Self

infrared sauna benefits

Meditation is practiced by many as a means to examine the Self, from the inside out, to gain insight into the means of obtaining personal growth. The darkest and brightest of our experiences and perceptions often leave shadows deeply cast within us, and without continued introspection, these structures can begin to affect our growth without our being actively aware of it. While a constant gardener often fights but the smallest of battles, even those most resolved can often find themselves facing such concrete repose within deeply forgotten corners of the Self that they have trouble creating movement in those areas.

Cleansing, detoxing, rejuvenating; these are all terms that are thought of as relating heavily to the physical—addressing the only biological function of our bodies—and not always seen as integral to emotional and mental clarity. Making the assumption that we are the balance of three perspectives—physical, emotional, mental—this article is an examination of approaches meant to take advantage of each’s influence and connection to the others, for a coalescence of kinetic and psychokinetic momentum meant to cleanse us holistically. As pattern-recognition tests build our mental clarity, an infrared sauna aids in the cleansing of our physical body, and a re-connection to nature may help to nourish us emotionally, we find many different prospects offered to us in Modern society—all with the promise of providing a better ‘us’.

Many of these are effective, and many aren’t; often the benefit may only be found after one’s own experiences. What does translate between lives and different experiences are the core dynamics of which our collective experiences are comprised? Such as a golf cart is hardly comparable to a space shuttle; both of these operate on a principal of force—delivered in these examples through combustion. People are similar in that many lives may seem many leagues apart, yet we all experience the world through our unique time spent focused through the mental, physical, and emotional lenses the human condition provides.

Cleansing the Self

Mental clarity can be regarded as the ability to focus on thought, without having the distraction of physical sensations or emotional ripples to stray one from their course. A clear mind is able to grasp a concept, explore it, pass it into emotional focus, reconnect afterward, and make decisions and memories based upon one’s previous and projected experiences. Imagine standing in a frozen, barren, snow-filled desert such as Antarctica—freezing to death, having your body screaming out at you to seek refuge from the storm in any way possible. Now imagine trying to solve a complex mathematics problem. Likely, it would be much more difficult for most to focus deeply enough on such a task whilst exposed to such physical stress.

Our experience of the world is forced into the physical realm in situations such as these and while one’s response is often as unique as their fingerprint, it’s a fairly common experience to feel the sense of frustration in trying to shift focus to the mental or emotional. It is during these times of intense focus on a singular perspective that we make broad assumptions on other levels of ourselves. Now, imagine holding a warm cup of tea in your hand—outstretched feebly into the tundra gust—and how intense your focus would be on the warmth offered by that cup. This example of dynamic range, meaning extremes of pleasure and pain, illustrates how we are attracted to that which helps us focus on the pleasant and remove ourselves from circumstances which bring negative experience. While we may escape the physical by retreating to the mental, we also escape the mental into different mental perceptions. We re-imagine memories; we re-play events; we adjust how memories affect us by imagining how we would handle identical circumstances—leaving any negative feelings about our previous experience marked to chance. This is common to everyone, this is done constantly, and this isn’t always a bad thing. Much of the way the human mind works has no doubt come from evolved fitness, meant to aid in our survival.

Taking account of the dynamics of our mental habits, it stands to reason that this constant shifting and rearranging of mental records will inevitably lead to some type of waste. This mental clutter can build itself into a nuisance which dulls our focus, disables us from focus, and overall contributes to the dampening of our overall mental clarity. The thoughts of days past, accounts of irrelevant experience, and even just the random misfirings of neurons—all play a role of distraction. When we aren’t as mentally able as we are capable we are also less capable in other areas of our self-balance as well. To frame an emotional experience mentally, one must have full access to mental function. These perspectives of our Self are as interrelated as the particles in a nucleus of atomic particles.

Charting A Course

Physical movement is one of the most focused upon perspectives of the human experience, being so powerfully focal that many often confuse fundamental biological signals with deeper emotional responses. While the rush of hormones during a romantic twist oft leave one spinning in ‘love’, the rigid fact is that any emotion that can fade isn’t an emotion at all. For those connected to their emotions on a plane of deeper awareness, it is understood that emotions do not fade. While the overloaded energy into other perspectives, such as the mental, may cause the swelling sense of being disconnected from these emotions—knowing they are there but not feeling them—we’ve simply to re-connect to them. They are not like the lowering flicker of a candle as it’s wick drowns in the weight of its self, they are as mountains in different regions of our inner Earth. We may be separated from them periodically, but only need to return to bask in their timeless shadow.

This confidence of return—knowing how to make ourselves feel a certain way—is a complexly human burden. For when one feels such joy that mental fear creeps up—making us fear the inevitability of change—the division of us as individuals can be most apparently seen in our individual abilities to find, and connect to, the confidence that should such joy be lost our path back to it is clear. In another way—if we can no longer feel the mountain of joy within ourselves, we can think of the path back to it. For those certain in their knowledge of such paths in life, little can be done to discourage them as they chart their courses through whatever tribulation they may face. Inner strength—true personal power—is deeply bound to the confidence that one possesses in finding their own ability to navigate to those mountains within themselves that empower them to face the most consumptive of struggles. For someone of such inner resolve may say to the many storms within a lifetime; “Carry me far from my home, for the adventure of my return shall only strengthen me.”

Finding Direction

Circling back to the notion of clarity and tidiness within our Self, such statements of inner resolve and personal confidence are made much more difficult when we are unable to flow from one perspective to another in a symbiotic manner in which nature has provided for us. Mental stagnation will lead to physical and emotional stagnation, which will both lead to further mental stagnation; so forth and so on. Such perpetual cycles are often seen as fearsome and strike a sense of near-total disheartening in many. These vicious patterns can drive us into horribly unbalanced lives, influenced to do horribly-unbalanced acts. Such as Nature’s degree of indifference to the human condition, in particular, these cycles are just as capable of providing a perpetuating increase in quality of life as the are decrease.

Imagine running down a set of stairs; the longer you run the more momentum you gain, the faster you move, and the harder you are to stop. While the descent into the lower flights of stairs builds momentum, making it more and more difficult to stop, there is an exact amount of energy that will stop your descent, and even reverse it. Now, imagine you’re running up the same staircase; you build momentum, you build speed, and the faster you go along the harder it is for outside forces to stop you. All that is needed for such a reversal in direction is energy. In the case of our personal lives, this energy is often a combination of mental, physical, and emotional energy. The only difference of note in going up the stairs, compared to descending downward, is that gravity fights us as we move upward. While this may seem a conundrum to many, even disheartening to some—knowing that built into Nature itself is a system to toughen our progress upward—it is, in fact, a blessing. True personal growth is only gained through the constant destruction of these barriers within our Self, then the procession of repair and improvement. These processes are painful, often go against our every instinct, and can take lifetimes to undergo. This pain, often the largest barrier of personal growth, is like Nature’s gravity—it is a reminder that we are moving upwards.

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The Best Nootropics for Meditation

best nootropics meditation

The human condition is an enigma to most and those to whom it isn’t are so far evolved from the average awareness that effective communication is often difficult. The journey to further expand our awareness of our surroundings is one traveled by many. Through meditation, mindfulness, and inner resolve many are often able to uncover deepened abilities of the cognitive, physical, and emotional root. For those seeking this inner balance, and also looking for a little modern help in getting there, there are some exciting varieties of supplements and herbs called Nootropics, which help to enhance mental & emotional performance. Finding the best Nootropics is a quest for the individual—as all bodies are different and will receive various supplements and plant compounds in unique ways.

The Power of Focus

Nootropics help to allow the peak performances of such mental capacities as short-term memory, perception, and new-memory forming extend further than one normally experiences. For example, such herbal Nootropics such as BacopaLion’s Mane, and Ginko Biloba have all shown to demonstrate powerful brain-boosting effects. Many users take these supplements for mental clarity, enhancement of focus, and for learning new ideas and concepts. While these herbal nootropics aren’t quite as performance-oriented as such synthetics as Phenibut, Aniracetam, or Noopept—they are known to offer a much ‘smoother’ experience, balanced by all the natural symbiotic compounds found within. While many refer to these powerful compounds simply as smart pills, Nootropics are capable of much more than simple jolts to our minds—offering a full spectrum of powerful perception-enhancing experiences.

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Nootropics for Development

The self, the ego, the animus/anima, the shadow—deep aspects of the human psyche are involved in our most persistent of hangups mentally, emotionally, and physically. While a developed Yoga practice is one of the most potent forms of self focus and growth that one can undertake, modern life is often an insurmountable hangup. These Nootropics are able to help assist in the developement of these deep recesses our ourselves by showing us the door we need to walk through. Like learning a new subject mentally by being first exposed to it as a concept, then as detailed explanations, so to do Nootropics help to serve as brain-boosters and emotional supporters that help to unveil new experiential perspectives. These newly-experienced facets of one’s self, once identified, can be naturally worked upon through such gradual processes as yoga practices, meditation, or physical exercise. Often, all we need to get to the next level in our lives is a helping hand, and a glimpse of how to get there; Nootropics offer this glimpse to us.

Meditation & Stimulants

Many Nootropics serve as stimulants, providing a bust of energy over what is sometimes several hours. These surges in creative energy are addictive to many on a psychological level, and offer great companionship during mentally-intensive tasks. Meditation, the practice of mindful though exploration allowing ones’ self to simply be, is associated by many unfamiliar with it as being a lazy. Those who practice meditative techniques regularly know that this is quite the opposite of the truth! Save those few times in which a nap was needed just a little too much to devote one’s attention fully-enough to meditate effectively, meditation often brings many to the brink of their mental ability.

For these intensive meditations, it can be very easy to become distracted just enough to lose hold of a concept you have found. The battle against our mental hangups can go sideways  at any point, often ejecting us from whatever thoughts and ideas we may currently be ‘tuned’ to. Nootropics aid in meditation by helping to streamline mental functionality, emotional awareness and physical calm. Through these aids, many often find their meditative practices to be deepened to such a degree as to continue use of these powerfully brain-boosting compounds.

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Healing From the Inside Out

006-0002 happy-healthy-herbs-supplements-diet-lifestyle

Chronic disease—especially inflammation—is thought to be at the root of many acute illnesses such as cancers, strokes, and cardiovascular disease. While many of these life-threatening diseases often have an obvious culprit which has forced them over the edge, rudimentary issues are often the beginning. Maybe you’ve got a viral infection that isn’t debilitating, but just annoyingly persistent. As a response to such an infection, the body may produce an inflammatory response in an attempt to drive that disease from your body. Certain infections like Epstein Barr (EBV) or the like, are often those which lay dormant in our bodies for decades or at least fly under the radar. While these chronic issues rarely warrant acute concern, they can cause cellular, tissue, and even organ damage in the long term.

While many prescription medications formulated to treat chronic illness come with a host of unwanted side effects that often have the potential to rival the underlying condition, alternative means of treatment often shine as the most-effective and safe route. Take acupuncture, for example; through centuries of development the Chinese and Asian cultures have developed an understanding of the pathways through which the energies in our body move. By the insertion of small delicate needles into key areas of the body, Acupuncture is capable of helping to get stagnant energy flowing once again.

Different Approach

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) isn’t completely different from Western medicine in that they both seek to make contributions to feeling better. However, TCM (and many other more natural approaches) seek to do this through a systemic shift in balance—often undertaken through the taking of herbs and dietary supplements. The best supplement brands out there are those which help meet these goals, while still refraining from commercial lures of using sub-standard ingredients. TCM utilizes these types of powerful herbs and supplements to help approach disease from a unique viewpoint; TCM is based around the understanding that diseases are meant to be carried out by the body.

For example; a skin issue such as eczema may be a certain infection or pathogens expression as it is leaving the body. By taking steroidal treatments such as creams or other immuno-suppressant treatments, these types of symptoms are often driven back into the body, to wreak havoc on another, deeper body system. A prime example is that many topical steroid treatments for skin rashes and chronic issues often clear up the issue, but result in asthmatic symptoms later on. TCM views this dynamic as an indicator that the disease has been driven deeper back into the body, where it can cause more damage.

In an ideal situation, diseases are driven out of the body, through natural inflammatory responses and waste elimination. Herbs and supplements are often used by natural practitioners to help aid these processes along, and often address very specific points of interest such as kidney assistance, liver aid, or even the increased bio-availability of vitamins and minerals. It’s through these means that the body’s natural inflammatory responses aren’t stifled but rather assisted; inflammation is actually a good thing when it isn’t chronic. You body cycle is regarded by TCM as working from the inside out, eliminating disease and infections. When immuno-suppressant drugs are taken, this cycle is broken and allows disease to return inward. After years of this type of callused intervention, the body is thought to lose its ability and strength to overcome the inner dwelling of disease, which allows for chronic issues and tissue damage to begin to take hold.

In addition to herbs and supplements, TCM uses the principles of acupuncture to help facilitate the outward elimination of pathogenic, infectious, and other types of disease. This outward journey is seen as natural, helpful, and vital to the continued health of any individual. Modern drugs and treatments often are regarded as successful in their ability to suppress the symptoms long enough to seem as if the underlying disease has disappeared. However, this is rarely the case and usually, long-term use of prescription medication to suppress any type of symptoms leads to issues later in life. While it may be hard to understand the pathway to vitality and health, it is a rewarding and fulfilling experience that benefits all that choose to embark upon it as a mission in life. Balance, above all, will help one understand how health and well-being is an ever-changing state that cannot be controlled—merely affected.

General strokes can be taken to help maintain this balance such as eating Organic Foods, getting exercise, and achieving healthy amounts of sleep every night. These practices allow the body to utilize its natural processes of healing and inner fortifying that can help to resist disease. However, modern lifestyles and responsibilities often encumber such goals, as we all fall victim to the rat races which surround us. To help facilitate healthy function in today’s societies, make sure you stay up-to-date on OrganicNewsroom reports regarding supplements, valuable resources on Health News, and constantly realize you are fighting an uphill battle in your mission to find inner peace and balance.

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Meditation Builds Inner Resolve


Motivation drives the world around us; hunger drives feeding, desire drives reproduction, and the more complex our minds evolve to be—the more complex the dynamics of motivation we experience. For example; did the caveman feel motivated to lie so he could sit in front of a television and watch his favorite show? Of course not; the caveman didn’t have television. Even the caveman, however, was probably motivated to be dishonest regarding some aspect of his life to another, in order to preserve some other aspect.

While the expressions between the two differ greatly, the underlying fundamental of lying for personal benefit remains. In our complex world the convulsion of action and motivation often dissociates us from the basic concepts of our actions, and cultivating a practice of daily meditation can help to restore such awareness.

Finding Power in Isolation

Meditation helps us realize that being alone isn’t something to fear and that once the fear of being alone is confronted, it becomes apparent that it never existed in the first place. There exists an inner-connectedness of all life, and tapping into that frequency with which all that is communicates can be one of the most rewarding experiences one will ever have. Sex, Drugs, Fasting, and acts of the extremity can “force” us to find this state of frequency, yet it is often as little more than a tourist’s perspective that arises. For those who have ever taken measures, you’re no doubt aware of the seed of thought that what you saw was merely a hallucination. The reality of one’s experience—subjective as it may be—is called into question through methods such as these.

Meditation is many things, achieved by many methods, and capable of teaching many things. At its essence, however, meditation is ultimately a recognition or sort; we all are capable of sharing something. I’m certainly not talking about telepathy, though I’m also not not talking about it either. More practically though, I’m referring to the shared motivations which drive us all—the need to feel important, the drive to reproduce, and the burdensome wiring within us all to feed constantly.

Maybe you need to feel important has driven you to lie about something and to console that guilt you eat in excess to overcompensate in the satiation of your hunger. While seemingly simple in action, this dynamic also represents a single iterative separation in the ways one can be indirectly driven and motivated. Meditation helps connect you to your core motivations, to understand your deepest emotions and desires, which you can build a healthy awareness of to help express them fully and directly.

The path of personal development and inner strengthening is filled with confusion, hardship, and fleeting grasps of progress. However, the cultivation of a personal commitment in a lifetime of accord with this path can help one express inner desire more fully, and get out of life what you truly need the most.

Take time for yourself, ask “why” a lot when questioning your motivations, and never ever allow yourself to believe that you know anything other than that you know you can never know everything.

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Herbal Remedies & Balance

Balanced Rocks Illustrating Healthy Balance

Western culture is largely construed by a deterministic approach to medical practices in which brash, isolated actions are taken in order to “boost” health, or “fix” things that are determined as being incorrect. For instance, obesity may be fought with the surgical alteration of one’s stomach; discipline and drastic lifestyle alteration are often only considered in hindsight. Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with many other more naturally-focused medical practices, involves approaching health and wellness more from a perspective of balance, rather than finding and eliminating fault.


The starkest contrast which may be seen between TCM and conventional medicine is the use of Herbal compounds by the former and highly commercialized prescription medication by the latter. Contrasts between the two could be drawn indefinitely, but perhaps the dynamics of Patent law can help to illuminate a difference in fundamentals. A TCM practitioner, or naturopath, or integrative MD all tend to “prescribe” herbal tinctures and compounds as they are found in their natural forms. While these compounds may be present in extremely concentrated “doses,” one could arguably be exposed to them, in the given form, through natural means.

However, patent law doesn’t allow natural compounds to be given exclusive rights by any single party—imagine holding the patent for dirt—and companies rely on competition in quality to drive their success. While every company is allowed to work freely with the same compounds, and every practitioner able to create their own remedies, the entire usage is incentivizing to be better.

Prescription medications are quite the opposite—they often are only able to be manufactured by a single party which holds the patent rights—and often rely heavily on marketing and sales representation. In other words, you don’t have to have the best version of the product to be financially and commercially successful, a company just has to have the product.

Seeking Balance

Conventional medicine has brought us powerful vaccinations and the ability to see immediate results from treatment. However, with such power to cause-effect comes the risk of powerful side effects. One of the most attractive facets of traditional medicine and natural approaches to health for new-comers is that there is little chance of dire effects. That is to say, you can try many different herbs, compounds, and therapies without running the risk of winding up in a hospital. Try finding 20 different prescription medications you could try—at once even—and not worry about tragic consequences.

While no herb will be replacing surgery for broken bones, large tumors, or structural abnormalities; herbal and natural medicine remains potently overshadowing in its ability to treat chronic illness and minor health concerns such as allergies, food issues, and emotional distress. Rather than seeking a quick fix through a Xanax-type drug, one may find solace after eliminating dairy or grains from their diet and supplementing with Ginko Biloba. Everybody is different and, ultimately every approach should be taken with the individual in mind. Dietary supplements place a powerful role in supporting optimal health and well-being.

10 patients may walk into a Naturopathic Doctor’s office with the exact same complaints, yet all 10 may walk out with a different list of treatment plans. Rarely in Western medicine would any two of them receive different treatments, and very rarely would life events surrounding their current state of health be considered. TCM and more natural approaches understand that every person is a complex dynamic of individual balance, conceived of through their individual life experiences. No two lives are the same just as no two patients are the same—natural medicine understands this, but Western medicine doesn’t.

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